Adsense Fraud


Like in any other industry, fraud is not a new thing in Google Adsense. Although Google has made significant stride in addressing Adsense frauds, there is still so much that has to be done to protect the interest of advertisers. Apparently, it is the Adsense publishers who usually resort to cheating for the reason that Adsense is the best source of income for site publishers.

Adsense fraud comes in several ways. One way is through use of click bot software designed to commit fraud. Such software can be purchased online and can automate clicks. Another way is through deliberate and manual clicking of ads. In this way, friends and relatives with different IP addresses can be accomplices. Another form of Adsense fraud is when cheaters lure potential clickers of high paying keywords. To entice clickers, these people employ misleading items such as possible rewards and promotions, in exchange for Google ads clicks.

With the rampage of Adsense fraud, addressing the problem should not be just the concern of Google. Advertisers should also be proactive in doing their share. Instituting measures like the setting up of an ad campaign tracker software is one way to reduce fraud clicks. A tracker is a very potent tool for any site owner in monitoring site visitors. The tracker can also tell right on the first visit if a particular visitor is serious or just doing some clicks for fraud. In this way,  tracker software serves as valid evidence for any site owner to convince Google that he is being cheated.