Adsense Tools

When a site is already equipped with Adsense, one might want to enhance his earning power by using some Adsense tools that can be found on the web. Some of these Adsense tools may come for free, while others may require subscription fees. Nevertheless, they certainly come handy and possibly add more profits to the business.

One such example of an Adsense tool is AdWords Bidding. AdWords Bidding Tool helps one figure out which keywords bring in the money. This tool determines keywords with the highest paying Adsense. On the other hand, the Overture Bidding Tool, Overture's version, also gives one a list of keywords and sample bid amounts.

Another must-have tool is the Word Tracker. Essentially, this tool indicates how many times people searched for a specific keywords. It also shows one how many sites use the specific keywords. Based on these information, one could easily determine the contents and the necessary adjustments needed by the site.

There are other Adsense tools that provide details on the clicks and rates. For instance, with one click of the Adsense Notifier, one can view the total clicks, daily earnings, impressions, and CTR for the site's Adsense. Meanwhile, the AdWords Traffic Estimator keeps track of the clicks of the keywords used, based on publisher statistics.

Other equally helpful Adsense tools include the Adsense Preview Tool and Competive Ads Filter. Through the Preview Tool, one can then determine if the ad is needed or not; one has just to right click on the Adsense for a window to pop and show you ad samples. Competitive Ad Filter, on the other hand, basically helps one keep users in the site, lock out irrelevant ads, and prevent low paying publishers appearing on the site's page.